Gateway Photography will come to your game and photograph your players in action. Once players have been photographed, you will be able to view and buy your photos online.


* Please Note: The photographer follows the action at the games, so some players may get more photos taken than others on the team, unless otherwise specified.


Gateway Photography can also create Action USB Flash Drives.


Action USB Flash Drives will have a minimum of 300 action shots of your team players. The original images will be copied to a USB Flash Drive, and the Team Coach will receive an Action USB Flash Drive. The Action USB Flash Drive is copyright released, so you can print as many copies as you like.


Action USB Flash Drives Cost $250 - Split the cost with a team consisting of 12 players, and it is approximately $20 per player. The more players, the lower the cost per player.


The Action USB Flash Drive will be mailed to your coach or team manager within 2 weeks after the event.


Simply make a request to Gateway Photography by phone or email, along with a $50 deposit which goes towards your purchase, and Gateway Photography will be there.


Contact Information

[email protected]
Call Tim @ (314) 477-4580 if you're interested in Action USB Flash Drives or setting up a photo shoot.